The quality of our trees meets the standards of the APANQ, the CCTGA and the NCTA.

Our yearly harvest consists predominantly of Balsam fir and Morin Blue fir. In comparison to the Fraser fir, the Balsam has longer needles and a unique fragrance.

Morin Blue Fir

The Morin Blue is the successful result of Christian Morin grafting Cook trees with his own quality trees. These trees are easily recognizable because of their blue-silver needles, which completely surround the branches.

Morin blue

We are members of the following associations : APANQ – Quebec Christmas Tree Growers Association, Christian Morin is its president CCTGA – Canadian Christmas Tree Growers Association NCTA – National Christmas Tree association

All our trees are hand sheared.

Tree Categories

Balsam Fir :

Premium: From 4’ to any size
Number 1: From 6 ½’ to 8 ½’
Number 2: From 5 ½’ to 7 ½’
Table Top: Bundle of two

Morin Blue Fir :

Morin Blue Fir: From 7’ to 9’


We also produce Morin Blue transplants and late budding Balsam fir. For the last twenty-five years, our prized transplants have been sold and grown by some of the largest Christmas tree growers in Quebec.